Welcome to SeraMyu Antics!
My name is Samantha and I've made it my mission to offer other SeraMyu fans like myself a part of Myu that they've never seen before. I've strived to make Antics not just a site with video lists and cast info, but one that offers things you can't find anywhere else, things to make you smile and laugh, and I will continue to do so as long as there are Myu fans to enjoy it ^^

January 30
Watch simple smoking tricks at the convention! ^_^
November 26
A bunch of songs have been added to the       live rips section (including the entire live soundtrack of Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban) thanks to two more generous donators :)
 I have closed my distro until I can offer Myu on DVD. It will be back one way or the other, I promise.
November 1
The       multimedia section has changed again, go check it out!
September 26
The songs from the La Soldier single CD have been added to the       multimedia section.
August 3
       Click here and prepare for the biggest multimedia update Antics has ever       seen!!!
 Other updates include a new       poll, new       wallpaper, and more       screenshots!
March 20
ChibiMoon       screenshots galore for the rest of March due to the new "Senshi of the Month" policy on the       forums :) Also there's some new       fanart from Serafirefly!
March 6
There are some big changes to Antics today! First and foremost is a new       forum!! There are some fun things already started there, so go check it out, sign up and introduce yourself! ^_^
 As you may notice, the navigation bar has some changes. "Photoshoots" is now called "gallery" and "omake" is now called "reviews." "The Vault" has been moved to the myu fun section and is now called "Information." Everything is still here, just renamed or relocated. I think you'll find it a little easier to find what you're looking for now :)
 As for updates, there's a new       poll, and be sure to go to the forums and see how you can help contribute to a new section of the site that's coming soon!
February 23
I finally finished something on time! :P Check out the       photoshoot section for scans from Kaguya Shima Densetsu (new pictures have a blue border).
February 16
The       multimedia section has new songs thanks to your requests! Keep       sending them in! ^^ There were a few I couldn't fulfill at this time because the song you requested was never released on CD, and I don't have the technology with me to rip them from the videos. I will keep them in mind though and try to make them available in the future!
 I wanted to have the rest of the scans up from the Kaguya Shima Densetsu program this week but I simply ran out of time. I will have those up by next weekend, I promise! ^_^
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